I am not who you think I am,
not that you really give a damn.
Your judgements hurt people from the inside out,
but I guess that's really all this life is about.
You play life as if it's one big game,
but the consequences you create are never the same.
Everyone holds pain inside,
you'd see that if you really tried.
Judging people is pointless and cruel,
sometimes all it takes is a small amount of fuel
to make someone explode
or choose the wrong road.
She killed herself, he slit his wrists,
how does it feel to know you contributed to this?
One small word, harsh or kind,
Can work wonders for one person's mind.
You can help them or destroy them,
crush them, or mold a perfect gem.
Build them up or break them down,
make them smile, make them frown.
It's really up to you, and the choices you make,
So before you judge someone, and some of their life you take,
make sure you're being real, and never fake.

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