Poem Hunter
CR (May 19,1992 / Kodiak alaska)


locked up by the judgemental glares of all the people she thought she knew. confined to a world of dark cold seclusion and silent screams for help. no one listens to a shattered child, they just walk on by not giving a damn if the young girl dies. starved of affection she shivers all alone waiting for the world to open their eyes and see what their judgements had done. as tears fall down her gentle face she feels herself fall to the ground. she tries so hard to stand but all can do is fall and no one even cares enough to help her stand tall. with a final shattered cry she lays down finally ready to die. she finally gave up and realized that the world is made up of judgement and heart shattering stereotypes.... and that would never change...

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The message here, may be true in the particular. Sometimes, in the absolute. But it is never, always. GW62