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Judging A Woman

If we judge a woman by the way, she looks
Or even how she dresses or how she cooks
Shouldn't we all then be judged and stereotyped the same
But, to judge and typecast each other, isn't that a shame.

Look upon her first about her knowledge
As she too like you, might have been to college
Don't see her as your competition or as a rival
See her as a co-worker and a person upon her arrival.

Do not treat her any differently with worries or distress
Just because of her high-heels or even her dress
And if she comes to work in a work-shirt and jeans
Don't be upset if she can as well operate machines.

Though she is created differently and so titled female
She is not inferior to man's ego, the male,
Woman was not to be known or thought of as man's sequel
She has her own thoughts and beliefs and is man's equal.

She walks the same road that men have walked
But, sometimes on that same road she has been mocked and stalked
Man's battle with freedom has been fought and it has been won
But, woman's battle or war on equality, it has just begun.

Do not judge a woman because of her gender
Be a supporter and a friend and never an offender
It's inside her mind and soul which makes her whom she is
And don't believe that everything in this world is titled, "His".

Randy L. McClave

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