Devil's Prey

On a wooden scaffold,
there hangs a noose,
by a strong blindfold,
light bids adieu.

Wrapped around my neck,
like the arms of a lover,
gripping me tightly,
causing me to splutter.

Writhe for few moments,
I wish not to feign,
never in my lifetime did I endure such pain.

I'm the devil's prey,
I lost to keep the faith,
From a greedy world of hate,
how can one escape?

Hell ain't a bad place,
I've made it in the end,
for all that I've sinned,
to the devil's assent.

Among the bloodstained sinners,
covered with slime & filth,
I visualize the horrors,
& drown in dripping guilt.

Now I see the devil,
infesting our lives,
pulling all the strings,
as it solemnly pries.

Are you the devil's prey?
Who lost to keep the faith?
From a greedy world of hate,
with nowhere to escape.

by Indranil Ganguly

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I haven't used Poem Hunter for a long time. How stupid it has become! Idiotic videos of text, when all one needs is the whole text, also supplied, but without line numbers.... I used to link to Poem Hunter for my classes all the time and am reminded why I never do this any more. But the poem is wonderful. All three in this series are reminders of how war distorts normal humanness/humaneness. Dead ground indeed!
Reed, 's jaundiced eye as he observes preparation for war is, is unique.