Judging Me

Why do you
Judge me the
Way you do
I never did
Anything to you
You judge
Me the way
I walk and dress
I never judge you
I tried to
Talk to you
But you thought
You were better
Then me
You and your
Friends kept teasing
Me and spreading rumors
You were my own blood
How could I mean
So little to you
I never did
A thing to you
Know I’m gone
You can never
Forgive yourself
What I did to get rid
Of all the pain
I had because
Of you. Know you
Are wishing every
Day you never
Did what you
And your friends
Did to me.

by Bobbi Jones

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Comments (2)

Don't arrabge your eges solitarily in a crate. Look out for a better person and you'll be free of agony. Thoughtful poem!
Bobbi, betrayal and regret are difficult issues to deal with, especially in regard to family... good write! ! Brian