Judgmenal Error

It was judgmental error
Bhindranwale* had created terror
No one wanted a tough dealing
The Sikhs were vehemently appealing

The fortification had lost the sanctity of golden temple
The armed men were seen around for waging struggle
It was challenge to the sovereignty of motherland
The soldiers were instructed not to fire against terror brand

Many soldiers lost lives at first wave
This made the easy pave
The soldiers were ordered to fire
The entire band was finished in exchange of fire

The holy place could have not been used for such purpose
The Sikhs were not ready for this and chose
To retaliate with murderous plan
Indira Gandhi* was made target no one

Intelligence had forewarned of dangerous attack
The Sikh sentries were not to be on duty for security sake
She brushed aside argument" what shall my countrymen may tell"
I shall be ashamed to agree for such proposal

She paid dearly for life and fell to bullet
It was unfortunate to speak of her fate
She laid down life for the country's sake
The day shall be observed as black

*Bhindranwale*Sikh militant leader
Indira Gandhi* Late Indian Prime Minister

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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It was judgmental error Bhindranwale* had created terror