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No Africa, No France

A swarm of mosquitoes there was
Of different ethnic origin, language and culture.
Aedes, anopheles, culex and others
Some fragile, some agile and some avaricious,
The anopheles was the most fragile but avaricious.

This human, they set eyes on,
She was in possession of everything they needed
And in want of nothing.
So because of her possessions, they attacked her
And she being weak, could do nothing to defend herself.

And so with their proboscis, they sucked her blood,
For many a year, she was continuously being sucked.
As she was being sucked, so was she being bitten,
Some bites were gentle, others, excruciating.
But with God on her side, she stood on her feet.

The wind of change gently blew some mosquitoes away
Others clung tight, for they were desperate
But the human started agitating for her freedom
So the remaining mosquitoes reluctantly left.
But alas! ! ! ! She has been sucked semi dry
She started labouring to regain herself back
Just as the lazy anopheles mosquitoe came back

As the other mosquitoes went and continued their lives,
The anopheles discovered it couldn’t survive alone
So it came back through lies and deceit to suck more blood
And from that same human, it continued sucking blood,
It will come as if to make peace
Between the body parts; but that’s a pretext.
It truly came for blood and more blood

The anopheles mosquitoe knows it can’t live without the blood
But it can never accept that fact
Because of its dirty pride.
It is the laziest of all the mosquitoes
Because it depends solely on the human

If the human doesn’t open her eyes
And with zeal, fight back,
The anopheles will suck her with no mercy.


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I would spell judgment without the 'e'. options for the title: the courtroom, judgment day, justice, power of justice, voice of justice.