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Jugs Of Hugs (Fun Poem)

I really don't like bugs
they put me in a panic
They're hiding in my shrubs
and some are just gigantic

I can't do any drugs
they make me really ill
Even doctors shoulders shrug
but still they send me a bill

I broke my favorite mug
pieces all over the floor
No longer can I chug
Now I'm really sore

Now I'm sitting on my rug
and I feel a little blue
So I'll need some jugs of hugs
from each and all of you

OK......so I was having a pity party
when I dropped my mug
and I saw a poem and it
started to tug

3 April 2007

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JoJo, I'm sending a 10 and oodles of hugs for this humours little poem. I had a big smile and a few chuckles over this one. Thanks for sharing it my friend. David
Ah jojo, sending you oodles of hugs, and the poem is sweet as a jug of honey....Don't like bugs either, so passing on them.........marci. :) xo