cluthch a stone, feel hardness
peer at a blank wall, measure bleakness
eye the darkening sky
shut away in prison or old age home

last flicker of the mind
dimmed and vanished
shell you called your body
numbed merely metabolizes

shiver cold, never loose hope
almost anything, is better than nothing

by shimon weinroth

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what is the use of syntax in this poem
im doing a project for my english class and i have to put what the use of syntax of this poem is. any help?
I'm a highschool senior and i love this poem. haha you are awesome. have them read theme for english class b too!
I am a high skool teacher, and, like, wow, kids in my class really love this poem. I am, like, the best teacher eva!
My teacher loves these poems. He read them to the class. I think Langston had a strong sense of words and I enjoy reading his poems.