A Dogs Life It Is

That I will say
Eat sleep go outside
Run around & play fetch
Cuddle & get ones but scratched
Who wouldn't want to lay around
Do nothing all day get one's but scratched
Get loved up
go running on the beach digging in the' sand
a dog's life it most certainly is

by Leah Ross

Comments (5)

what is the use of syntax in this poem
im doing a project for my english class and i have to put what the use of syntax of this poem is. any help?
I'm a highschool senior and i love this poem. haha you are awesome. have them read theme for english class b too!
I am a high skool teacher, and, like, wow, kids in my class really love this poem. I am, like, the best teacher eva!
My teacher loves these poems. He read them to the class. I think Langston had a strong sense of words and I enjoy reading his poems.