You are my sun on a gloomy day.
You are my rain on a summer’s night.
You are my smile when I feel gray.
You are my hope when all’s not right.

I’ll be your shoulder when you need to cry.
I’ll be your buddy when you want to play.
I’ll be your lover when you’re feeling shy.
I’ll be your helper whenever you say.

They’ll be glad when they see us grow.
They’ll be happy when they see our smile.
They’ll be sad for us when things are low.
They’ll be jealous of us all the while.

We’ll be happy when this has passed.
We’ll be together again at last.
We’ll look back and say what was that?
We’ll look forward and say that’s the past.

You mean more than words can say.
You are special to me in every way.
You just might ask me how come?
It’s simple: You are awesome.

by michael waggener

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