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Julia Gillard Leaves Politics

Julia Gillard leaves politics in an honorable way
But of her predecessor and the man who replace her as Australia's P M the same one cannot say
He should have resigned from Parliament three years ago
For every friend Kevin Rudd has he has a foe

The dreams they once shared of a better Australia for them ended in tears
As political enmity does live on for years
When Julia replaced Kevin as P M Kevin as an M P did remain
Not for the sake of his party but for his own gain

The credibility of the leader of his party he sought to destabilize
And though seemingly popular with the voters it comes as no surprise
That P M Kevin Rudd by some of his fellow party M P's is loathed cannot be denied
For his own selfish gains his party he did divide

The praises of former P M Julia Gillard all Australians may not sing
But on resigning from Parliament on being replaced as P M she did the honorable thing
The way Australia's first woman P M was destabilized a political shame
But to be Australia's first female Prime Minister is to her enduring fame.

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