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Julia Gillard

Julia Gillard is a habitual liar this is what those who oppose her do say
But it always takes one for to know one since they themselves too are this way
It is true that we dislike in others the things in ourselves we do not wish to see
Most politicians are habitual liars this is how it does seem to me
The first female Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard is quite good at lying
But as a politician in that she is not unusual as most politicians the truth are always denying
That is why she became the Prime Minister one might say she has learned her trade well
To lie to Julia does come easy the truth to her harder to tell
Yet the Opposition members are quite hypocritical since like her most are the same way
The truth to them never comes easy in Parliament they do lie every day
It always takes one for to know one a saying that is ever so true
The politicians who call Julia a liar are good at lying to give them their due
That is why she became the Prime Minister at lying she is one of the best
She surely would be a hot favorite for to fail a lie detector test.

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