No Oil Painting

I may be no oil painting,
But I am beautiful on the inside,
For I have so much love,
So much self respect and pride,
I make the most of myself,
I spend money on making myself look good,
As I know I should,
For I was taught to look out for number one,
I was told to worship the sun,
And to live this one and only life,
For its sheer fun.
I live to have a good time,
For this life is mine,
Where I won't be tortured by any devil,
Or any twisted person:
No, I love my life,
And I just love being me,
So it doesn't matter to me,
That I am no oil painting:
Because I am beautiful on the inside,
My soul all the colours of the rainbow,
Like an oil painting so rare.

by Paula Glynn

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