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Julian Assange

Julian Assange the Wikileaks founder is a brave fellow indeed
He has taken on big governments more of his kind we do need
Uncovered and published their secret documents exposed them for what they are
Those who dismiss him as a traitor or a terrorist carry their grudges too far
In custody in England awaiting deportation to Sweden in what seems a trumped up sex case
But with some confidence of acquittal his accusers he will face
Julian the unlikely hero is surely an Aussie great
Here is a person worth admiring a name we ought to celebrate
For bringing out into the open something we suspected all along
Why are his accusers so angry with him if they feel they have done no wrong
If they feel that in their leaked documents they had no guilt to hide?
Nothing worse for a powerbroker than a wounded sense of pride
There are many in high places who do wish brave Julian dead
For our hero from Australia danger for him lay ahead.

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The obvious comparison is of course with William McGonagall.