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Julian The Agnostic

I've often thought about this place called heaven
If indeed there is even such a place
And I've my doubts about this life hereafter
For I have never seen an angels face.

I've often thought about this God almighty
'Some women claim God is a dark skinned she'
I once thought he had long white hair and gray beard
But now I only believe what I see.

'I'm only quoting Julian the agnostic'
He has to see things with his own two eyes
He questions the teachings of all theologians
And he even think they believe their own lies.

He doesn't believe in stories from the bible
Or that Christ died on a cross on Calvary
And to those who knock on his door to convert him
He say you only waste your time on me.

He doesn't care if he is buried or cremated
And his ashes on his favourite place spread around
He will tell either way it does not matter
If they cremate me or put me in the ground.

He does not believe in the god almighty
Or that Christ walked on the waves of Galilee
For Julian is truly an agnostic
And there is none so sceptical as he.

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