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Poem By Ido Ben Efraim

Juliana, the eyes I stare at everyday leaves me felt of love in my dismay

The eyes of an angel as bright as the sky in the morning of dawn as I once intended to carry you while your wear your gown

Your smile illuminates my day as once and twice I intended to carry you away to a feeling of preciousness desire, I am felt as love contracted me to your hire.

My heart beats every second I see you or think of you, if my eyes were not glancing at your face, id consider my love from me to you as a disgrace…not seeing u everyday would leave me in utter dismay

Why life intends for me to feel this way of a feeling as I was flying across my stay...at what I like to call...Love…I pray.

I pray that at once a minute you could see my feelings for you and you could hear it too, but as my voice is not too strong, I must leave you wondering about this song.

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