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****julie B****
GH (October 12,1979 / Wichita, KS)

****julie B****

a friend from school
that i will always remember
for she showed a kindness
and caring like no other
she was there for me
in my darkest hour

it is thanks to her
that i am still here today
for without her
friendship and support
i don't want to think about
where i would be

her words from that
very fateful day
have guided me through the years
to this point in my life

tall and pretty
awesome at sports
and totally cool to boot
a miss popular in my book
but she still considered me a friend

from time to time
i still have those crazy moments
where i just want to end it all
but then i remember
what my friend julie said
and i realize that life ain't so bad

that's when i remember
that i do have friends that care
that there is a reason to keep going
even when all seems lost
for i would be lost to all
if it hadn't been for her friendship

so julie i thank you
for your friendship and support
for keeping me going
and having me make that promise
to see you in school that following monday

i'd be lost without friends like you
so from the bottom of my heart
thank you for being there for me
for being a friend to remember

(dedicated to my classmate Julie Befort for being there for me at the end of our junior year)

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