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Julie Bishop's Frightening Stare

All of the Australian Political Opposition members are only too aware
Of Australia's Government Foreign Minister known for her frightening stare
The most fearless of the opposition members she has been known to stare down
Though this is only Julie Bishop's just claim to renown
And though in Parliament many a staring contest she has won
Cannot think of any good thing as Australia's foreign Minister she has done
Outside of Australia she is one few of do wish to know
Of Julie Bishop one cannot say her fame does grow and grow
Doubtless she hopes to become Australia's Prime Minister one day
We all have our dreams in life as some are known to say
But you do not become Australia's Prime Minister for your frightening stare
Though the Julie Bishops of the World in this respect are rare
In Parliament question time with her fierce stare she cuts the opposition members down to size
She would become Australia's staring down champion if for such there was a prize.

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