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Julie Statkus

She always seems so happy a big smile on her face
And humanitarian causes she openly embrace
She sticks up for the underdog and speaks out for refugees
With socialist minded people I always feel at ease.

The humorous Julie Statkus she has such a kind heart
For humanitarian causes with money she readily part
Born with the gift of empathy she genuinely does care
For the people who are doing it hard in the bigger World out there.

And yet she is so witty and she laughs so easily
You won't find many people quite as humorous as she
If everyone were only like her the World would be free
Of terrorism war and famine and the scourge of poverty.

Her emails are so funny she is worth ten laughs a day
And not hard to see the humorous side in some of the things she say
Yet she too can be serious there's more to life than fun
For life's not one big party when all is said and done.

The life of every party and she has been to quite a few
And if she cannot help you she will not harm you
The marvellous Julie Statkus people like her are rare
Her gifts of humor and generosity with all of her friends she share.

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