July 16, 1945

Poem By Nile B. Norton

You are there.
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.
The earths' atmosphere rent asunder,
and sound shock waves like rolling thunder.
The basic elements turned to glassy obsidian
or jelly-like and spongy.
All humanity, present or future, were there.

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Mi Piedra Sepulchral

I do not write for financial gain.
I write because my poetry
may produce more than a tombstone fame.
Rather than a "b" and "d",

Blood Lines

"I'm full-blooded," he did declare.
Echoes began reverberating around me,
"I'm Irish", "I'm Italian", "I'm Polish", "I'm Swedish".
With hesitancy, I blurted, "I'm mongrel".


Alcohol makes the World go away.
The world of unkind words, heartache and desperation.
Beware of its boozy haze or hallucinations.
Never let it take the Moon away,


I close my eyes but I do not sleep.
I close my eyes to concentrate on thoughts I keep.
I might be fantasizing.
I might be rhyming.