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July Far Away

In the blue sunlit sky just a few clouds of gray
And the sweet scent of grass mowed for silage or hay
And the swallows chirp in pursuit of flying insects as they do every day
Above the old fields in July far away

In the sunshine the children laugh as they splash water in the river pool
Enjoying their holiday week free of school
The sound of young laughter a pleasant thing to hear
In Summer a beautiful time of the year

The fields and the groves lush and leafy and green
When Nature at her very finest is seen
And contented cattle lay chewing their cuds in the shadow of the trees
In near to perfect weather temperatures of around twenty degrees

In the clear river pool the dappled brown trout
Enjoying the sunshine lazily swimming about
Of most land life forms quite fearful and shy
They quickly swim to the cover of the reeds when they sense danger to them nearby

And white butterflies seemingly dancing in the warm breeze
That gently rustle in the green and glossy leaves of the trees
And the sweet scent of grass mowed for silage or hay
Wafts to me in the breeze from meadows far away.

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