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(......July28) Poetic Husbandry
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(......July28) Poetic Husbandry

These herds
of words
need a shepherd —

A warden,
but a kind
and watchful eye.

They’re fluttery
and as easily influenced
as adolescents.

They sometimes run in packs
with no idea where they’re going.

The shepherd’s eye,
looking out from a silent center,
helps remind them
of their origins,

of their birthplace
in the brilliance
of the Sun.

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Comments (3)

Yes Max, people can write a lot of poems, not all like this, mind you! I always liked the manner in which you use rhyme, there is something original in it. This one jumps and darts all over the place. Judging by its theme there could be know other way of portraying it. Oddly Max, this is a very picturesque manner of writing. In one way, their modernism, gives them a snapshot feel. And I am glad to be aquainted with them.
An exceptional communication of the role of a 'guru', the all knowing teacher
Max this is glorious - a gentle Christian metaphor (a touch of Michael Shepherd perhaps?) to express the need for care and watchfulness when playing around with words. Profound, humble, compelling. Exceptional piece. love, Allie xxxx