Jumping Off The Ledge

Please forgive
My procrastination
In getting to
This destination
My brain has been
Away on vacation
And just pulled back
Into the station
Have a seat
And let me talk
There are some of you
Who will want to balk
If you don’t like my words
Then walk
I still refuse
To sign in chalk
I’ve been living
On the border
With something called
A “mood disorder”
Still my own voice
Is always louder
When I overcome
I just stand prouder
I won’t agree
To never winning
Not when my goal
From the beginning
Was to pass along
An awakening
My mind may weaken
But there’s no breaking
I was sent here
With a purpose
I remind myself
I don’t deserve this
But from pain
Comes inner strength
So, whatever is the length
Or the duration
Of this infirmity
That we like to label
Lack of sanity
Let my words touch
You in some way
I still believe
There will come a day
When we learn to balance
On the edge
Of nature vs. nurture
Then take it one step further
Jumping off the ledge

copyright 2008 Cheryl A. Caron

by Cheryl A. Caron

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Very astute comment in an engaging way. Thanks for sharing. Regards, Cal