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June Day Dream

A Summer afternoon cloudless and bright
And flitting butterflies in June sunlight
In quarrelous mood above the flower decked lea
Fight it out for patch of territory.

And I lay in the shadow of the trees
In lush green meadow grass up to the knees
And humid heat induce upon me sleep
And I fall fast into a slumber deep.

And rippling sound of little nearby stream
Sweet background music to a pleasant dream
And I was in the Paradise of God
Through serene Land where angels dwell I trod.

God's kingdom is a place of peace and joy
Here butterflies don't quarrel in the sky
In this Land creatures never disagree
But live and love in perfect harmony.

And here the sun shines brightly every day
And roses bloom all year 'tis always May
And streams flow free and pure and never dry
And nothing age and nothing ever die.

And winged angels carol on the wing
And all year round the merry songbirds sing
And I live in a truly blissful state
A billion miles from lust and greed and hate

A billion miles from Planet Earth and men
In peaceful happy land unstained by sin
Where strife and sorrow is an alien word
And all things live in harmonious accord.

A grunting bullock drinking from the stream
Cause me to wake from an enchanting dream
And bickering blackbirds quarreling on hedgerow
Welcome me back to the only World I know.

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