June In Aubane

Old memories die hard as the wise one does say
The sun it is shining on Aubane today
The sweet scent of freshly mowed grass for silage or hay
For decades of years in the memory stay

Where old Mushera mountain as ever looks down
On the valley of Aubane above Millstreet Town
Aubane for it's beauty a place of renown
Of ancient Duhallow a gem in the crown

For the warmth and friendliness of it's residents it is widely known
The people of Aubane have a charm of their own
Where a stranger is not looked on as a foreign face
It's people make Aubane a welcoming place

With the sun on their dark wings in the blue and gray sky
On pursuit of flying insects the barn swallows fly
Above the valley of Aubane in the green summer time
A place that has inspired the writers of song; story and rhyme

The voice of the migratory cuckoo one does hear
In June in Aubane a lovely time of year
A beautiful green valley above Millstreet Town
On where ancient Mushera mountain as ever looks down.

by Francis Duggan

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