June In Old Mushera

Sunshine in the blue sky the air it is still
A skylark is singing above Mushera Hill
A musical speck in the Summer sky
Up to the cloud World he does sing as he fly

The wood pigeons cooing in the wood one does hear
June in old Mushera is a lovely time of year
A high countryside with a natural charm of it's own
I only can visualize the beauty i have known

The beautiful memories with me does stay
Of the marvelous scenery from the foot of Mushera on a clear Summer's day
Beauty as far as the eyes with binoculars can see
The mental pictures remain of the what used to be

A beauty that is old very old in time
That has inspired artists to sketch and writers to story and rhyme
Where above Mushera Mountain from here far away
The lark in the blue sky is singing today.

by Francis Duggan

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