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Celebrate little children
For the time is nigh, soon to become 'what might have been.'
It's time for marching and dancing in the streets
As you have been promised many public treats.

The reason for the occasion
Is hardly cause for celebration
As escape from bondage by a few
Has entrapped mankind in a fetid stew.

With Government now playing a heavy hand
Let no one escape; children, woman or man
‘Tis the season when change is in the air
Time for joy (so they say) , and not despair.

But wait – there's more, much more
For there is no escape from their lore
That promotes freedom at any cost
(While removing it from all, by the Mighty host.)

So while 'slaves' in Texas were made free
Some two years late, in jubilee
All who came after have become enmeshed
In a web of Government; 'freedom' blessed.

Now black, white and all colours of the spectrum
Have no place to turn or run
For their lives once again they owe
To the regulation 'store' from which they cannot flee.

Celebrate Juneteenth one more time
But remember, Socialism is, in itself a crime*

*crime - Any grave offense against morality or social order. (Webster)

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