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Money Or Soul..?
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Money Or Soul..?

Years have fallen like flowers
and time is flying by hours
Yet more or less, I am a beginner
rather a poor beginner
What have I gained?
What have I lost?
Gained I have nothing
Lost I have every farthing
My early attempt has turned a failure
a futile attempt to live
A life from hand to mouth
Only my soul l did save
From all dishonest thoughts and deeds
I barred my heart from all such weeds
but still hunger has stole upon me
Money is supreme of all man’s needs
It was merely a matter of question
a question too much a triffle to notice
What you want to save
your soul or money?
Whatever you choose
the other you loss
For me it was a question of choice and need
I went for soul
And this is what I have gained
a tried conscience
and endless poverty
It seems my values and gods
had lived ages pest
For if I held up my head
my soul was bound to be in mud
But then,
I held up my soul
and my head was in mud.

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