Jungle Jim Day 2

Jungle Jim was one day walking
in the valley by the brook
he thought he'd find some roots and herbs
for a chicken he would cook

He hacked his way through vegetation
got some herbs and fruits and nuts
he found some berries and some mushrooms
Jungle Jim was having luck

He put them in a little bag
tied to his waist with bits of twine
and happily he went back home
Jungle Jim was doing fine

On the way he picked some fruit
for his little parrot pet
and soon he had a fire burning
by the tree hut near the lake

The vegetables were boiling nicely
and chicken roasting on a stick
then it burst up into flames
but Jungle Jim he acted quick

He grabbed the stick and to the lake
he plunged his flaming chicken in
the crocodiles thought, this is good,
we're being fed by Jungle JIm

They ate his chicken and his stick
Jungle Jim was hopping mad
he went back over to his fire
and thought those crocs are getting bad

He stirred the veg and drained it off
and put it out onto his plate
had a mouthful and surprised
he said 'this stuff is really great'

Unknowingly as he tucked in
to this amazing veggie stew
the mushrooms were a potent drug
that made you feel you had the flu

But that was just a little matter
the berries had another side
they made you laugh for no real reason
he sneezed and laughed so much he cried

And just to make things even stranger
the water drained out from the veg
had trickled down into the lake
and all the crocs were off their heads

Sneezing madly in the water
all the crocs were in a spin
Jungle Jim just sat there laughing
at the state the crocs were in

Then he recalled the parrot too
had ate some berries from the plate
and soon he heard the manic laughter
and knew the parrot met its fate

Soon the jungle became darker
since the night was drawing in
he sat down by the fire laughing
another day for Jungle Jim.

by Charles M Moore

Comments (3)

I spilled coffee on my keyboard as I was reading this. I tried posting a comment. Too late! I had to pull an old keyboard out - and reboot the computer - in order to express my deepest gratitude for this poem. And the previous one. A healing experience, except for my keyboardparrot. Thanks so much.
What a fun poem Charles! I will have to see if you've written 'Jungle Jim 1'' I must've missed it if you did. (this would make a fun book for children!) Sincerely, mary
Charles, that was quite eventful... nice job! Brian