MS (7-31-83 / Newport News, Virginia)

Junkyard Dog

crumpled metal, scrap and all
fall it calls to the ground
teeth of the tiger bite of the asp,
claw of the monster sigh and gasp
lift it up on the mountain peak
descend and boom, oil leak
caked up on the sleeve
of the driver who is to leave,
finder's keepers is the call,
loose is the dog beware the fall
run, trip, get up quick, bite the
heel then the neck, blood
will flow you know, like a flood
up to the bridle the horse's neigh
crumpled body you will lay,
here comes the claws of death
to scoop raw disaster's flesh.

beware the dog the sign did read
but you were too stupid to heed.

by Mark Sebert

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you've the touch of a poet mark. nice piece indeed.