WG (03.07.1992 / Slovakia)

Junkyard Romance

the end is not so close
but I'm still drowning
in all ponds of Mars
guilty and filthy
and walk down the alley
of sombre solstice
swearing at walls
after the heist gone wrong

now the everlasting
ambulance siren
echoes through
the tumbledown lands
through sullen skies
through every selfish mind

dancing at the balcony
without a handrail
is better than the eternal
junkyard romance
but time travel dreams
keep me awake
and asleep at the same time

drill time! pill time!
crucify your social image
even earthquake is more fun
talk to yourself
break window panes
but never buy a mirror
rather take it from the junkyard
and engrave your name on it
'cause someone has to
notice or break it

by William Greco

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