MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! ! Juno Watt - Personality Of The Year

Everyone’s talking about her
this last year: on their cellphones to her,
talking about her on their TV sofas,
breakfast and evening celeb shows,
at the hairdresser, in the bus queues..

‘Juno Watt? I’ve been asked to do TV…’

‘Juno Watt? I’ve got tickets to Mariah’s tour…’

‘Juno Watt? He’s proposed to me! ! ’

And the columnists are asking,
‘Will she last through to next year?
Will it be Celebrity Hopscotch for her
Or Celebrity Snakes and Ladders…?
Juno Watt.. I hear she’s dating…’

She's even been paid to endorse
the products Tiger left behind:
'Juno Watt... our balls give your golf
more drive! '

‘Knock knock..’
‘Who’s there? ’
‘Juno Watt…’
‘Not yet.. but I suppose you’re
going to tell me…’

Juno Watt: Personality of The Year..

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