Please just go away,
I don’t want to see your face,
please don’t try to talk,
Because I am done with all your lies,

I don’t want to be your friend no more,
even if you want,
I can’t seem to see no more,
you’ll give everything you’ve got,

I am not gonna cry no more,
because I have had enough.
I am done with all the heart breaks,
because it’ll be harder to keep the trust,

Please don’t turn away,
please don’t brush it off,
I want you to look at what you’ve done,
I want you to see my tears,

Take a second to look at me,
ticking clocks enhance the time,
Take a minute to chance,
all your life time bounds,

For you still have the strength,
to have a heart still young,
You don’t have the cracks,
that others have done.

by Paige Thomas

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