AT ( / USA)

Just A Dream

The ocean ran
100 miles an hour
The ocean left
For passers-by
To pick up and marvel at.
I found a piece of sea-glass,
And held it in my hand.
Green and smooth it was,
I thought,
'I know who to give it to.'
So I took it home, and until day
I hid it in my diary.
The next morning, I walked out
To your house and knocked
On the door,
And when you opened it,
Your face filled with surprise
As you called me 'friend'
And accepted my gift.
And I was glad,
When I went to bed that night,
As I thought of you as my friend.
And then I woke up, opened my diary...
And saw that little piece of sea-glass
Sitting there...
I guess maybe it turns out...
That we weren't meant to be friends after all.

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