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Just A Dream

Since the very beginning,
My friend said we should meet,
And when I met you,
My heart skipped a beat.

I felt like i was flying,
soaring through the sky,
knowing that as long as i had you,
I would fly high.

I've loved you since the beginning,
I've loved you since the start,
I've loved you as soon as I saw you,
With all of my heart.

I thought you felt the same way,
That you loved me, too.
And I felt so beaufitul,
When you said 'I love you'

I feel like i can do anything,
I really think I can.
I know everything will be ok,
As long as your my man.

We both loved each other,
More than anyone ever could,
But we haven't thought some things,
That maybe we should.

This is way past the beginning,
But far from the end.
It's somewhere in the middle,
But it's coming to the end.

We have lived so happy,
Since the day we met.
Always there to catch me,
Like my safety net.

Then the thought came into my mind,
'What if this is a dream? '
And as soon as I thought that thought,
I awoke with a scream.

I should have known it was a dream,
That none of it was real,
Because you could never love me,
That is not how you feel.

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