MTB (2/15/66 / Vallejo, California)

Just A Few Nasty Things

Screw this and the hell with that
Kick the dog and fling the cat
Throw rocks through windows and shoot at cars
Flip off the cops and start fights in bars
Break bottles and chairs and draw some blood
And then tell his honor to go wack his pud
Get thoroughly wasted and go rape some bitch
Or steal a blind man’s cane to take care of an itch
Take someone’s Porsche and drive it over a cliff
Go to the store and return Grandma’s Gift
Hold your breath, and turn a deep shade of blue,
Just a few nasty things that only we humans do.

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Comments (2)

Love it! ! Funny and angry, good combo ;)
Heh, an interesting take on the malevolent conscious decisions made by human beings and ultimately asks why we do these things and other animals do not, when we are said to have the greater thought capacity? - K.