TW (1-5-93 / )

Just A Game?

whisper broken promises in my ear,
put on an act that you care,
tell me lies that make me smile,
build me up,
so you can tear me down,
give me hopes of things that you know
isnt true,
make me fall inlove with you,
then smirk and go away,
leave me,
fill me with pain,
give me false dreams,
to haunt my restless sleep,
mean what you dont say
and say what you dont mean,
make me cry and miss you,
shatter my dreams
and spread the pieces,
it doesnt matter anyway
to you this is just alittle game.
break my heart and
throw it in my face
make your self unreplaceable & unforgettable,
be my favorite mistake,
and my worst heartbreak.

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