Just A Group I'Ve Been A Part Of

Just a group I've been a part of for over three months going on four
And when we part we part forever I may see them never more
And though I never bonded to them I'll remember just the same
When the memories flash back to me at the mention of a name.

The group leaders fed us knowledge Colin's job to co-ordinate
You go to him with your problems he will help you put things straight
Colin is a good sort of fellow his job to keep harmony
He would say if you have problems you can come and speak to me.

Rob MacGregor is a genius when it comes to plants and flowers
On shrubs and the soils they grow on he can talk for hours and hours
He must have a big brain in him to retain all that he know
Just like Goldsmith's old school master from more than two centuries ago.

Peter is a landscape expert and though he pretends to know it all
There is a saying I remember 'that pride can come before a fall'
Still in ways he's a good fellow pay no heed to what I say
I look for the faults in people and others like him anyway.

Morris into conservation and there's not much that he doesn't know
About plants and revegatation and the best soils where trees can grow
There's much to like about Morris such good causes he embrace
Due to him and others like him this World is a better place.

Mac's pet subject communications on how to others we ought relate
How can you get on with others if you don't know how to communicate
Personal space and body language are things he seem to know about
And on how others feel about you there are ways of finding out.

The grafting and budding expert Mike Gibney he's a clever fellow Mike
And when you get to know him better he is one you grow to like
But his mind is often elsewhere he has this big business plan
And with his knowledge and experience he could be a wealthy man.

Martina the mathematican she has a computer brain
She must have a marvellous memory knowledge garnered she retain
We've been learning and forgetting even before we learnt to crawl
And the great gift of retention is the greatest gift of all.

Rosemary the computer whiz brain she is wise and good as gold
She's a warm hearted person warm as opposed to cold
Were I a bard or song writer for her I would pen a song
So the world would know of Rosemary and the world could sing along.

Helen sweet and lovely Helen my heart for her sheds a tear
She was once a fine violinist with a promising career
Till a weakness in one finger from her stole her dreams away
And her violin in retirement Helen can no longer play

Chris is one I will remember there's not many good as she
She find the time to pity others full of human sympathy
Far too many heartless people who will take but never share
What the world need is more Chrisses people who for others care.

Darren down from the hot climate clever in his own quiet way
He will say something constructive if he has something to say
he worked in the mines up country in humid forty degrees
Where every dropp of rain is welcome and they enjoy the cooling breeze.

Dean the man from Western Australia he is hard to classify
He shot foxes in the outback in wide land of open sky,
Worked on fishing boats in saltwater there's not much he didn't try
And you take him as you find him this man Dean is quite a guy.

With the world Jeff feels angry he gets himself into strife
But he's had a hard upbringing and he's seen the harder sides of life,
Does not seem to like his mother though he did like his late dad
And it does not take much provocation to have Jeffrey spitting mad.

Ernie everyone loves Ernie and with others he gets on fine
But he doesn't like it in Victoria he miss Queensland and sun shine
He will go home after Christmas and he say that he can hardly wait
To go surfing on the Gold Coast up there in the Sunshine State.

Wayne has got a hearing problem and he use a hearing aid
Kerry Lee gives him assistance and for her service she gets paid
He is such a nice young fellow never seen him to be rude
And he may well have a good future as he has a good attitude

Young Luke Smith makes the long journey all the way from Yarra Glen
He arrives on public transport gets there between nine and ten
Much to like about this fellow a bright future he can see
He plans to start his own business one day own a nursery

Jenny young and sweet and lovely all she asks out of this life
Is to marry, mother children and to a good man be good wife
She is one I will remember and though I've only known her for a brief spell
Hope she has a happy future I can only wish her well.

You don't hear much out of Warren he doesn't have that much to say
He is not a group type person likes to do things his own way
He is always in the background sitting or standing quietly
And he leave others do the talking perhaps not a bad idea.

Rod wants to be a Park ranger such a future he can see
And that will not be beyond him though he would need a degree
He will make a good Park ranger and a fine job he will do
And I can't see any reason that he won't see his dream come true.

Brett is such a happy fellow always see him with a smile
He is easy to get on with free of any sort of guile
In life he know where he's going to he will be nobody's fool
He and Rod are best of buddies on their lunch hour they play pool.

Whatever happened to Jaki she left a few months ago?
She was a good mate of Jenny's where she is now Jenny know
And that young fellow Luke Mcarthy he won't give success a try
He lacks in self motivation and of work he feels quite shy.

Wayne Cook, Wayne Symes and young Chris Griffiths where they now are don't ask me?
Though they will live just like the others somewhere in my memory
And where's young Tanya? she was good sort haven't seen her for awhile
She was easy to get on with never found it hard to smile.

John is one I have to mention he left us a few months back
Hope he finds what he's looking for somewhere down along life's track
Rumour has it only rumour that he is to become a dad
He seems young to be a father he himself is just a lad.

Mark is one I cannot leave out almost had forgotten him
He is one I don't see often comes and goes at his own whim,
He is truly a free spirit to a task he won't be bound
And like I say almost had forgot him, he's not often seen around.

Just a group I've been a part of for over three months going on four
And when we part we part forever I may see them never more
We will go our separate ways soon more in life to do and see
And the past four months of my life will become a memory.

by Francis Duggan

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