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Just A Little Gurl
SF Sylvia Fourness ( / )

Just A Little Gurl

A little gurl,
So scared, so shy,
Hates it when she sees,
The fights, the arguements,
The hurt in their eyes,
All she evr hears,
Is screaming, is fighting,
THe horror from the cries og hate,
Many echoes, many momories,
That can't be erased,
Stop that, please, just quit,
Stop yelling, stop screaming,
I can't take much more,
No fighting, no hurting,
My heart is gonna break,
Daddy, please stop that,
You hit so hard,
My tears, my screams,
WHy would you hit me?
I'm sorry daddy,
I've sinned, I'm bad,
I deserver that alot,
A disgrace, A flow,
Please just don't hate me forever,
No sis, please don't,
Don't run, don't go,
The drugs ain't worth it,
Not pot, not cubes,
Me, I'm just alittle gurl,
So scared, so shy,
I sit here just waiting,
Crying, cutting,
Hoping to die! ! ! ! ! !

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