River Thames

Roaring and flowing from
Gloucestershire via Teddington
Leaving exquisiteness here
while passing through London.

North bank and south bank,
a compass of the England
Very strategic position
for many cultural events.

Blessed with kisses of darling
Oxford, Kingston, Windsor,
Feel of heaven around
for nature lovers and writers.

Great source for food and water
for the people of England,
Giving habitation to millions
for the years of thousands.

With sailing and rowing
a major leisure and pleaser,
For outing and romance
tranquil banks of the river.

Watched conquerers, emperors,
passing time of England,
falling of London bridge,
making up of whole land,

Helping people's prosperity,
a boon for the Nation,
Fulfils numerous human needs,
thrives lives flowing or frozen.

(C) S. D. Tiwari


Comments (2)

You're a great poet and you better not stop writing. I love it! It's beautiful.
This is so romantic Paul, I hope she says yes. 10 always loving a wedding, Tai