Just A Little Love Poem

Everything you say
Brightens my day
Every moment you choose not to speak
Makes me feel so very weak
Everyday without you
I wonder what I'll do
Every time you look into my eyes
You give me the butterflies

I love whispering in your ears
And wiping away your tears
I love holding you close
When you need it most
I love walking with you barefoot, gently gripping your hand
Even though we're not anywhere near the beach sand
I love calling you on the phone
So you know you're not alone

You're a thief
Of my grief
You've stolen my heart
So we'll never be apart
You never miss
Giving a kiss
You'll always have so much beauty
Because you're not interested in money

I'll never say goodbye
For I don't want to see you cry
I won't ever make you
Without being true
I'll always listen to what you're saying
So I don't hurt your feelings
I want to ask you to be my wife
So we can be together for life

by Paul the Lion

Comments (2)

You're a great poet and you better not stop writing. I love it! It's beautiful.
This is so romantic Paul, I hope she says yes. 10 always loving a wedding, Tai