Just A Lonely Old Lady

Just a lonely old lady the years have made her gray
Her husband died of a heart attack five years ago last May
All of her true and dearest friends to the grim reaper have gone
And still the Seasons come and go and she keeps living on.

The only child that her marriage brought died when she was fifteen
And though that was forty years ago she still thinks of her Jean
She did not live to fall in love and become a mum and wife
Some are burdened with a heavy cross and carry it through life.

Just a lonely old lady the oldest on the street
She sits in her porch in the sun shine and rests her tired feet
Butterflies around the flower beds flit and birds sing on the trees
And the evening seem so pleasant in the gentle coastal breeze.

Just a lonely old lady in the twilight of her life
She once was young and enjoyed the role of a mother and wife
And she knew love and happiness and her hair was not always gray
And if the reaper grants us the time we will be like her one day.

by Francis Duggan

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