Just A Love Hobby

By the judgmental dismissed as a failure but this in itself is not a crime
And close to the twilight of my existence and near four decades past my life's prime
I own to it that i am a flawed person addicted to the penning of rhyme
But i admit to finding it quite enjoyable doing what most does see as a waste of time
I believe that we all eventually are failures since we all eventually die
The fact is we are all physically born as mortals and fact as we do know never lie
To the hopes of a better tomorrow like many do i too do cling
But meanwhile i will go on with living and carry on doing my own thing
I know i have to be addictive for to keep on rhyming every day
Yet it is something i enjoy doing so why should i give it away
In a Human world where money is most important to be short of it not good at all
And though i will never be wealthy and famous my biggest worry compared to the worries of some does seem small
And i will keep on doing what i enjoy doing adding to my numbers of rhymes every day
Though for me it is just a love hobby far too hard for to give away.

by Francis Duggan

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