SLB (September 6th / Calgary, Canada.)

****just A Love Poem*******

The emotions are real
of the pain you see...
they may be misconstrued
but that may also just be...
by my planned design.

You think i've forgotten
exactly who you are...
they may think my hearts
gone astray...but we both
know its still yours today.

Don't let time tell a tall tail
read between the lines...
you will know I'm still for real.
Love transcends to other things
so that there is less pain in reality.

So know in your heart
though we cannot be...
you once made my Life complete.
you once knew and still you know...
that my lonely heart longs for you..

Written July 30 2004

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Oh this is so sweet and romantic. A love that couldn't be, but you still long for him in your heart. This is so very sweet. Thank you for sharing. Love & hugs, Barbara