Just A Memory

The rooks were cawing in the darkening sky
And wood pigeons with whirring wings towards their roosting trees did fly
And I saw her out of the corner of my eye
But I walked on I could not say goodbye.

'Farewell' that word is hard for me to say
And she had not seen me as I went on my way
Towards a new life and to another Land
And of how I felt about her would she understand? .

In passing to her I used to say hello
But one could say her I really did not know
Still strong feelings I had for her seemed to grow
Though that now seems far away and years ago.

Walking in the town one I often did not see
But she seemed to show an interest in me
Still she'd always smile and give a friendly hi
An act of courtesy in passing by.

I often said hello to her but I never said goodbye
And now on looking back those years just seemed to fly
And in my memory bank just another memory
Of a love I felt but that just wasn't meant to be.

She was not meant to be part of my life
But perhaps for some lucky man she has made a good wife
She did look beautiful on her prime day
Still that was years ago and far away.

A memory from the past returned to me
When by chance today a look alike I see
Of the one who caused my heart to miss a beat
Each time we happened to meet on the street.

The winter sun had set in the gray west
And in the gathering darkness birds flew home to rest
And I spied her out of the corner of my eye
But I did not even stop to say goodbye.

by Francis Duggan

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