SF (12th of april / Sydney Australia)

Just A Memory Of What Once Was

You will never know what you meant to me
You saved me from the world and all that I hide inside
And as time passes, slowly I force myself to make you just a memory
If only all you were was a person who I could confide

One time, you were the world to me; I lived on just the thought of you
But feelings that occured were all just make believe
We all have problems, we always do
But the support you gave me, did nothing but deceive

Cause some how through the distance, I thought it could work out
But neither of us truly knew each other, we just got caught up in its hope
Before we even knew wt it was all going to cost us, wt it was all about
It was all I had, to live each day, just to cope

But im glad it happened like that, ended like I hoped it would
Everything has a price, u only know how much, once u pay the cost
For I knew it was over, and that the end would come like it should
But out of all I believe only faith was gained, and depression lost

Im still depressed, and I still lye awake at night with thoughts of you
But as time graces us, others come to me, and slowly I move on
But don’t leave me fully; I need u still in my life, to help me through
Cause things go like they are right now, u will be just a memory; in my heart you will be gone

by Saz Fairy

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