TE (December 27,1985 / )

Just A Number

To me it's just a number, although
I should see it as a legal matter. It's
not like we're doing anything bad, and
you can't charge off of mindful intentions.

When someone makes one as happy
as you do, I don't make mind of your
age. Tis true you are a bit younger,
but what's a number. It's only a statement
saying how you should act; show
yourself to society. You merely exceed
the exspectations of your number.

The way you look at me sends fireworks
throughout my soul. When you smile,
mine uncontrollably grows. Your eyes
are like a cloudless sky day; I
can get lost looking in them. The
personality you have puts a lot others
to shame. I've truely never met another
like you.

Age is just a number, a number that
in some ways can be over looked. I
never knew I would fall for someone like
you. With your swagger, charisma, and
charm; you definately wear it well. Our
friendship shows that age is just a number,
we act mature towards each other in many
ways. Whenever I'm going to see you,
I'm always counting down the days.

The smile in your face and excitement in
your voice when you see me makes me
reassured at heart. Reassured for the fact
you don't care about the numbers either.
A warm hug is all I need, and a gentle
guide by your hand. Age is just a
number and doesn't prove the stature
of a man.

To me you're more than a number, you're
a trusted friend. I feel the best when I'm
around you, especially after a touch from
your hand. Never in my life can I see you
not near, you're always in my heart. Sometimes
I think I could love you, my dear.

With a friendship like this age takes a
backseat, for I am most comfortable
around you, as you can see. Age is but
a number for when you're near, I forget the
world around me and can never hear. I
can never hear the negativist chimming at
my soul, throwing at me a number I no
longer know.

You will always be more to me than I can
know, and our ages aren't set in stone.

by Tessa Eichhorst

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10 years adjudicated in a courtroom somrwhere.......is also.....just a number!
Well enumerated Tessa...