Just A Simple Chair

In urban areas throughout the North people, who have to park on the street, have to shovel out their cars following a snowstorm. They often mark their parking spots by placing an old chair on that portion of the street before driving off. Sometimes these chairs remain on the streets into the Spring and Summer months, thereby contributing to Urban Blight. Twice, I have successfully used the following poem, which I wrote myself, (using the generic pseudonym: Your Neighbor) to aid in the fight against Urban Blight.
- - - -

Oh folks drive by and see me;
All the live long day.
Oh folks walk by and view me;
As they pass along their way.

Sometimes folks must wonder,
Just how I came to be.
As my straight and upright back,
Is very plain for all to see.

The other night, a car
Coming round the corner fast;
Pushed the wind right through me,
As it was going past.

My owner mustn't want me,
Since I'm left out here alone;
The nighttime screech of a lonely owl
Refuting my silent moan.

Though I've got two pair of legs,
With sturdy feet to match;
My running days have ended;
I never leave this patch.

Some folks still do wonder,
Why I'm not kept inside;
So I'll just have to tell them,
It's all about my pride.

When I was kept inside,
People used me for a seat.
There indeed were times since past,
When that seemed really neat.

But then the years went by,
And my stretchers didn't bend.
When people sat upon me,
My bottom wouldn't mend.

So by now, my wood within
Is softening to the touch.
As the rain upon my seat and back,
Turns this old frame to mush.

I hope you'll pardon my intrusion,
As I surely want no fuss;
But I simply ask to be removed,
Before I turn to dust.


(June 2,2010)

by Robert J. Bartlett

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