Just A Small House By The Ocean

He has one wish for the future a small house beside the sea
Where the wild waves of Pacific keep on rumbling ceaselessly
Phillip Island or San Remo, Cape Paterson or Inverloch
Just a small house by the ocean on a quarter acre block.

He's in love with coast of Gippsland under unpolluted skies
One hundred miles from inner Melbourne and the smoke and traffic noise
To sit on rocks beside the ocean watch the wild waves swirl and roll
In his dreams the salt sea water washes through his sleeping soul.

But he honour his commitments two young daugthers and pregnant wife
And the hard job that he work at keep him tied to city life
He toils as a builder's labourer with jack hammer all day long
And he ask himself the question tell me god where I went wrong? .

Who knows sometime in the future he may see his wish come true
buy a small house by the ocean do the things he want to do
Sit on rocks above the foreshore feel contentment in his soul
Listen to the seagulls calling, watch the wild waves swirl and roll.

by Francis Duggan

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reading this poem is like looking at a sunset, watching the waves as they move.... well narrated