SG (2nd October / London)

Just A Sniff

Sometimes I get just a sniff
A whiff of a memory
A time or a place
Of people
A Face
I might be reminded
Of a moment gone by
By a song
Or a sound
Just the feeling around
It might be the taste
Of some food or a wine
Hearing distant laughter
Or a car going by
It could be a picture
Or the tone of a voice
Like a cool gentle breeze
And my eyes become moist
Sometimes just a sniff
A whiff of a day
Is all that I need
And I feel OK
For today are the memories
I’ll have tomorrow
There’ll be more joy
And a lot less sorrow
A sniff of the days
That have long since past
Will always be there
And will last
And so if I seem
A little displaced
When my eyes have glazed over
And I stare into space
It’s not that I’m sad
Or thinking “What if”?
I really am fine
It’s just a sniff.

by Scarborough Gypsy

Comments (11)

Yes, loneliness can seem like an alienation of the heart and soul of an individual. Great piece of work here. God bless-MJG.
I can so relate to this... I get that feeling all the time! Wonderful poem! Brian
Once, I moved a thousand miles from home, and, when I left my train, if I hadn't seem my older brother approaching, I would have gotten on the next train home. But he was 'home' for me, and safety...Bless older bros, and thank you for reminding us what that feeling of separation feel like. Scarlett
So real, the feeling in this, we can touch it.Brilliant Love Duncan
You didn't have to be on your own.............................
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