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School Talent Show

A new experience in talent of young students.
Children running back and forth across the stage,
leaping and jumping to get onto it.
Microphones and wires being stretched across our
view, being readied for talented young people.
Waiting, anticipating expectantly, our nephew,
who is going to share his wonderful voice with all
of us.
Singing, 'Here Without You Baby', by Three Doors
We know he'll be a hit, because he's so very
talented and has a voice that won't quit.

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Beautifuly done. Thanks for sharing such brilliant piece and scene.
I went to Wellngton, three years ago. Took the cable car. Your poem reminds me of this capital city.
This is a great pleasure to revisit your beautiful poem and read it thoroughly with much eagerness which you have penned from your past experience. An excellent sharing is done really.
The poem is a precious piece which also records a part of y0ur student life.A wonderful poem, thanks for sharing.
Such a nice poetry, Michael Walker. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.
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